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rising air current  issue of the year 2013 2st

The present 【Listening sincerely to everybody】

We will sincerely listen to our clients’ complaint “I don’t understand” and do our best to support them by helping them understand. This is our management philosophy we feature on our website. We are afraid, however, that we haven’t done enough to hear their complaints completely. We would like to respond to daily questions raised by people who have been working worldwide. First of all, we will try to listen to people carefully from the beginning to the end. We have learned a lot from Mr. Tateoka at Shizuoka University about the essence of support for the last couple of years. We are still learning but we hope the controlling society with the idea of ‘ force’ or ‘ be forced’ will soon change into the supporting one with the idea of ‘ help to’ or ‘ be helped to’. We are sure the society will turn into the supporting one. We are certain it is important to try to listen carefully to people’s complaints “they don’t understand” to the end. We will do our best to support people to help them understand.      

Surprise 【Exposing yourself to nature】

Expose yourself to sound of nature, light, wind and people’s voices. Many people from all over the world now come to Naoshima on the Seto Inland Sea which until recently had been so deserted that only elderly people had lived there. Mr. Souichiro Fukutake and Tadao Ando played a leading role to change it. They created an environment where people can freshen up mentally and physically to feel at ease away from urban cities flooded with information, stress, excitement, and entertainment. Altruism exists. You will find actions based on altruism inviting. There is always a relationship between ‘help to’ and ‘be helped to’. When I expose myself to nature, I can’t help but be surprised by the natural environment.      

Now 【Bright management】

Our email address can be translated into something like siensien@akaruikeiei.com in English. When I developed our email address, I was associated with NHK’s TV program” Bright farm village”. I thought we would like to support bright companies more than gloomy ones. I really hope we can do business with presidents of bright companies. Those brightly managed companies adopt active management support accounting. Furthermore most of them have employees other than from owner’s family members in charge of accounting from the foundation.      

Tax 【Stamp tax】

Stamp tax law has been amended to activate domestic economy by making office work and tax burden simple and fair when economic transactions take place. I just hope this way of thinking will be reflected on all tax laws soon. This amendment will be applied to stamps affixed on receipts issued after April 1,2014. You should prepare for anything if necessary by spreading the idea of the amendment in your company from now on. The amendment is as follows. As for the receipt of money or securities related to sales proceeds, the minimum proceeds exempt from taxation are raised from less than 30,000 yen to less than 50,000 yen. As a result the receipt of money or securities less than 50,000 yen doesn’t need stamps affixed. If you have to change the contents on printed documents following this amendment, you will be advised to prepare for it from now on. We do hope all tax laws will aim at the simple and fair legal structure and that lawmakers are eager to listen to people at the stage of legislation.      

rising air current  issue of the year 2013 1st

The present 【Changing the world】

We are creatures who live every day as a continuation of the past. Governments have been operating monetary policies and financial policies based on their experience and theories. As a result, they are now struggling with huge national debts all over the world. Facing this situation, governments are trying to balance their financial budgets by cutting salaries and raising taxes. I cannot help but think it will just lead to decreasing people’s disposal incomes in each nation and forcing people to consume less as a consequence. I believe it important to go back to the starting point and consider why we are now in this situation. If a nation invents a completely new system with great aims to change the world and not just to continue to live in the past. Also if firms develop completely new products with the same aims, a lively society will develop. If we enact laws made as simply as possible while paying respect to the rules of nature, costs will be minimized and a brighter society will be attained. If people refrain from relying on the nation for protection, subsidies, aid and special measures, etc., trying to control themselves and minimize the costs of the nation, a better society will be sure to come. All of us will need to change the world to achieve this kind of society.      

Surprise 【Altruism】

It has been a long time since Mr. Iizuka of TKC taught me about altruism, selfless regard for the well-being of others. I have learned altruism through “ Toward an age when altruism-driven economics and support are inevitable” by Dr.Yasuo Tateoka of Shizuoka University and also through “ The science of support which changes the world and way of working with people to bring out their potentiality with each other”. Human behaviors based on altruism will produce a friendly and warm society. Our office has been offered many job opportunities by nice people thanks to sending out the message of the importance of altruism to society.      

Now 【Enjoying the process】

Business will prevail if you keep time, quality, quantity, direction, and position. That is, you always keep to your schedule, keep a given quality as well as a given quantity and put things at a given position. In this way, you will be balanced and be able to avoid waste beautifully judging from the results, although you may have to come up with some original ideas to enjoy the working process. You may think these behavioral patterns are too inflexible but you will be able to institute an amicable management and a society where you can enjoy the process of evolvement if you always improve and evolve these patterns by mutual support.      

Tax 【Special Restoration Tax】

You will be levied 2.1% of your income tax additionally as special restoration tax for 25 years from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2037. An individual taxpayer will be obliged to pay this surtax. A salaried employee will have this deducted from your pay together with base income tax from as of Jan. 1, 2013. Those whose amount of estimated tax payment is over 150,000 yen are due to prepay special restoration tax together with base income tax. Each year’s estimated amount of tax payment is calculated based on the total of income tax and special restoration tax from 2013 to 2037. As for those who use automatic bank account payment, the amount of prepayment of income tax and special restoration tax will be deducted from your designated bank account on a certain day. Firms will have to pay 10% of corporate income tax together with the base tax for 3 years.      



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